About us

Mansuri is a well-established school wear supplier known for excellence and customer satisfaction, we supply quality school wear to customers as well as 100s of schools across Midlands. Mansuri is a family run business started 35 years ago when Mr Mansuri started door-to-door sales, selling babywear and school uniform. Enjoying sales Mr Mansuri was further motivated to take a step further to set up a successful stall located in Bullring where babywear and fashion wear was sold. At this time small amounts of school uniform was stocked which was a successful investment. This was further encouraged as schools approached Mr Mansuri in interest of school uniform. Mr Mansuri was inspired by family members and encouraged them to work with himself.

Setting up various markets and stalls enabled us to build a successful network of people which till today work as a family to actively play role to put together outstanding school uniform. We have carefully selected manufacturers and embroiders nationally and internationally to ensure high standards of quality is supplied to customers and schools.

Seeing a niche market in school wear in the 1980s as school wear was new to the UK and following the success of the market selling we managed to establish our first retail shop at Poolway Shopping Centre, which till today supplies school wear to 1000s of satisfied customers. Upon the success of our Poolway branch we expanded to other stores in Kings Heath and Sparkhill. Recently we have further expanded from retail to Mansuri Ltd wholesalers and sell to retail shops around the UK. Recently we have launched a user friendly website to cater for all our customer demands.

As well as being a major retailer for customers and parents we supply to retailers too. We also have contracts with hundreds of schools around the midlands who appreciate the quality of our uniform. We are a member of the school wear association.

Today we are proud of being a supplier of school uniform to hundreds of content customers which is achieved by supplying great quality products at low costs and excellent customer service.