Looking for a School Uniform Supplier?

Mansuri Schoolwear supplies school uniforms to schools across the West Midlands region. With over 30 years experience in the school uniform industry we’ve developed deep expertise in the design, manufacture and delivery of school uniforms. As a result we are now one the region’s premier school uniform suppliers.

Why Choose Us?

We have a proven track record of delivering on what we promise. We take care of everything, from designing your school logo and uniform, to sourcing the best fabrics and materials, to manufacturing, and delivering your uniforms on budget and on time. To elaborate further we:

1) Provide a full range of design services

We design school logos, and we design school uniforms. We can produce design mock-ups, and provide physical samples of your uniform. This enables you to get a sense of how the clothing looks and feels, which is an important process of how we work.

2) Provide high-end embroidery services

We provide both screen print and traditional stitching forms of embroidery, with either a high or low stitch count. We can provide one colour stitching forms of embroidery, and we can also go up to eight colours. Our screen print option enables us to do more than eight colours.

Having an embroidery machine in-house means that you can have greater control over your designs, and ultimately your budget. The threads we use are of the highest quality, as we use viscose or rayon threads of the Madeira brand range.

3) Provide a wide choice of quality fabrics

We study your requirements deeply, which is reflected in the decisions we make about the choice of fabrics. In one project, we had to study a school’s climactic environment because of the problems pupils were experiencing with their uniforms when trying to study. So we had to design a uniform, which wouldn’t inhibit their educational performance.

We solved this problem by designing a uniform using lightweight fabrics, and a specific cotton mix that would allow the body to breathe much more effectively. As a result we exceeded the school’s expectations.

4) Provide high quality materials

We work with materials that are known to be durable, wearable and washable. These materials comprise of polyester, polyester twill, acrylic, cotton, elastane, and viscose. Where appropriate these materials are manufactured using special low pill ring spun yarns, as this ensures our clothing is hardwearing and durable for regular washing. Using a variety of stitching techniques from the modern cross-stitch to the lockstitch, our clothing is manufactured using a high stitch density to ensure durability.

Our manufacturers have to also provide us with a full fabric testing report, washing instructions, colour fastness tests, and pilling tests to ensure we deliver you the highest quality schoolwear. If possible, we also stipulate that manufacturers source sustainable and recycled materials in the manufacture of our school uniforms.

5) Can tackle complex projects

We have continually demonstrated our ability to tackle complex logistics and delivery challenges. In one example, amongst many, we were asked to design and deliver over 1,000 school blazers and school ties in time for a visit by HRH Prince Charles. We had just 6-weeks. In that time we also had to measure every student, and then manufacture the blazers according to these requirements. We rose to the challenge and exceeded the school’s expectations. We were especially pleased when HRH Prince Charles praised our work!

6) Provide a measuring service

We can send our teams into your school to measure your pupils for their school uniforms. We work according to the needs of the school and parents. So we can arrange times to measure the children when it’s most convenient. This could be during school hours, or after school hours, or on weekends.

Once we’ve measured the children, we can pack the clothing items individually with the child’s details. Parents can then collect their child’s clothing from the school, or from one of our specified retail stores, or they can arrange to have the clothing delivered to their door. Our team is well experienced and know how best to communicate with parents and children to ensure an efficient and smooth process.

7) Provide multiple sales channels

Looking for a School Uniform Supplier
We are an omnichannel retailer, which means our schoolwear can be accessed through multiple channels. This makes life easier for parents when they need to purchase something, and for schools when they need to re-order stock. Schoolwear can be purchased through our online store, our retail shops, popup shops and school shops.

Taking the Next Step

Contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. In our meeting we can discuss some of the exciting projects we’ve worked on, and show you the quality of our uniforms.

Here we’ve just given you a summary of what we can do, there is so much more that we can offer. Meeting us, we think you will get a strong sense of our social purpose and passion for schoolwear.

So all you have to do is contact our business development manager to explore the next steps of how we can help your school.

Please contact Sharif, our business development manager by phone on 0121 784 4230, or you can use our online enquiry form.

We look forward to meeting you!